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Le Cycliste - May 1948




  • 1. From AJAX, a combination of a 4 speed hub, a rear derailleur and a front derailleur. In total: 24 gears! (Data Book pg. 92)
  • 2. The elegant form of the new SPITFIRE dynamo from Ets BRAVO (Data Book pg. 94)
  • 3. DISCRY cranks in hiduminium, attached by splines. A collar of steel, embedded in the hiduminium, fits onto the spindle. (Data Book pg. 94)
  • 4. The allure of simplicity characterizes the new HURET front derailleur with a helicoid ramp
  • 5. UMALSPEED introduces their new brake in aluminum
  • 6. This 2-speed devices resembles the "Relais Préférence" of 15 years ago. It is the ORIGINAL-FREYLER, controlled from the bars. (Data Book pg. 92)
  • 7. Another creation of UMALSPEED, the REGULATOR
  • 8. The hydraulic brake DAREM is combined with a BOWDEN-POSENAER (Data Book pg. 92)
  • 9. Elastic front suspension, with telescoping shocks, of ORIGINAL-FREYLER
  • 10. This hub with annular bearings is the English HARDEN, with impeccable execution (Data Book pg. 83)

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