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Le Cycliste - June 1948




  • 1. ARLIGUIE has adopted the HURET front derailleur. (racers) (Data Book pg. 87)
  • 2. The tandem of FONTENETTE had a seatpost with stoker stem brazed on. (Data Book pg. 87)
  • 3. The new FOLLIS brake equipped the bikes of the racers of this marque.
  • 4. New bottom bracket with S.K.F. bearings on the victorious HERSE tandem. (Data Book pg. 87)
  • 5. RenĂ© VIETTO had a PEARL saddle, curiously reworked. (racers)
  • 6. No front derailleur on the tandem of PRESTAT and Lyli HERSE, but a chain guide. (Data Book pg. 87)
  • 7. The frames of the ROUTENS team were reinforced at the bottom bracket by brazed gussets of sheet steel. (randonneurs) (Data Book pg. 87)
  • 8. From the same constructeur, the dynamos were affixed to an extension of the front rack. (Data Book pg. 83,88)
  • 9. Elegant cantilever brake cable stop on the MAURY tandem. (Data Book pg. 87)
  • 10. Shift lever attachment by wingnut and inflator on the FOLLIS. (racers) (Data Book pg. 88)
  • 11. Triangulated rear cable stop from MAURY. (randonneurs) (Data Book pg. 87)
  • 12. From HERSE, we saw a frame of 4/10 VITUS with the seat tube forming a fixed seat post. (randonneurs) (Data Book pg. 87)
  • 13. The HERSE tandem of Richer and his wife had a very discreet headlight. (Data Book pg. 88)
  • 14. Beautiful implementation on the bicycle of VIETTO: the two chainwheels are riveted on both sides of the 5-pointed star attached to the alloy STRONGLIGHT cranks. (racers)

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