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Le Cycliste - July 1948




  • 1. ARC-EN-CIEL: this framebuilder displayed drawings of a new mixte frame. (Data Book pg. 88)
  • 2. HUOT: Here we see extensible power-amplifying crankarms. The small crank with the pedal increases the lever arm on the downstroke, and decreases it on the upstroke. The principle is quite interesting!
  • 3. The inventor COLLINET attached, to a normal crankset, his flywheel, of large diameter and great weight, and effectiveness...
  • 4. Centering plate and wingnut of bronze and aluminum created by JOFFRE (Data Book pg. 88)
  • 5. Well-displayed lock, marked FORLINI
  • 6. RICHARDOT: Nice lug for miste frames. (Data Book pg. 88) (Data Book pg. 88)
  • 7. The GAOUYER toeclip is simple, adjustable, but only a little comfortable.
  • 8. RUDDAN awaits the adoption of his new brakes by mechanics. He has created a jig to weld up brake mounts without possibility of error.
  • 9. C. FOUCAUX: CYCLO derailleur mount with lower reinforcement. (Data Book pg. 88)
  • 10-11. Here we see the RUDDAN cable stops, pressed from 15/10 steel.
  • 12. And the new RUDDAN brake, the FREXEL, with parallel action, releases immediately to remove the wheel, and has wingnuts to adjust the brake pads. (Data Book pg. 88)

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